Testimonial from Parents
Testimonial from Parents

Career Step is a great detail-oriented company that helped me a lot with my career search. Farid Premani helped me assess my skills and talents, helped me with my career planning and mind mapping and lots more. He worked at bringing out the best in me and instilled my hidden self-confidence. I definitely recommend this company to any prospective job seeker.

Graduate Student, Stanford University

I have to say that Farid put his entire career counseling skills and talents to test in helping me rediscover my hidden skills and competence. A soon-to-retire bank executive, I wanted to do more in life as I still had the urge to work and in no way accepted the word ‘retired’.

It was while looking for feasible job opportunities for people like me that I came across Career Step. This is an institution that used mind mapping and career planning to help bring out my hidden desire of running a restaurant. I now run a full-fledged restaurant and thank Farid for it. Will definitely recommend him to my friends and colleagues!

San Antonio, Texas

It was only after my son was a sophomore did I decide it was a time I helped her with her college and career choice. My friends recommended Career Step, which is when I met Farid, who helped change and shape my son Larry’s life.

Farid gives individual attention to each of his students and it was upon completing a few tests with Larry, he called my husband and me to review his results. My son was really pleased with the results as it gave him some focus and direction about college, and even his future job perspectives. I highly recommend Farid Premani and Career Step to any job and college aspirant!


Parent, Pine View School, Osprey, Florida

I really thank Career Step for helping me learn and understand so much more about myself! What I’ve learned through their tests and counseling has opened my eyes to different career options and opportunities I never even knew or thought about so far!

I was always confused about what to do with my life, but Farid has helped me know, and decide what I want to do when I am older. I will definitely suggest Career Step help and direct other juniors like me!

Junior, Manhattan Bridges High School, New York

I really don’t know what I would have done without Career Step behind me. I do have to mention that Farid played a very integral part in helping me start a new, fresh part in my life. I am a military spouse and a stay-at-home mom, who finally realized that I had to do something for people around me.

I felt this urge to re-enter the workforce, and it was Farid who helped me realize that there really was a nurse hidden inside me, waiting to serve the needy. He helped me write the perfect resume and cover letter that projected me most effectively to the nursing schools I’d applied to. I have found my calling, and am really grateful to Farid for helping me confidently move on to this new phase in my life.


Military Spouse, Gilbert, Arizona

I’d taken a break from the workforce following my kids’ pregnancies, and now that they have grown up, I’d decided it was time for me to do something for myself. However, after such a long break, I just didn’t know what job options were available for me and what the job market looked like.

So I thought of seeking some help and guidance from Career Step, and am I happy I did it! Farid helped me realize my inner potential and accordingly guided me at making the right job choices. He helped me build an impressive resume which helped get me a job as an event organizer, and I am really enjoying it! All thanks to Career Step and Farid!

Stay at Home Mother, Lawrenceville, Georgia

I didn’t actually get the best job upon graduating, and there was no job satisfaction. I knew I could do better in life. Though I had a fair perspective of what I was good at, Farid and Career Step helped prove me right. So I managed to land an amazing job which I enjoyed doing, with Farid’s help and guidance.

I am really happy that I had Farid and Career Step around to help me gauge my skills and talents, and use them to the best of my advantage. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for job satisfaction, and a career option they would love pursuing.  

Graduate, University of Mississippi

I had a really commendable experience with Farid while he coached our youngest before she headed to college. The tests my daughter answered revealed a lot about her inner talents, some which I never knew or saw in her till date.

It was, in fact, these talents which helped her choose the right stream in college and for making all future follow-up decisions. I have to say that as a parent, I do appreciate what Farid is doing at Career Step, attempting to relieve most of the tension and anxiety a parent and student goes through before joining college life.

 Parent, Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, Illinois.