Getting Laid Off Is Not The End of the World
Getting Laid Off Is Not The End of the World

Getting Laid Off Is Not The End of the World

Next, to the word ‘You Are Fired’, ‘You Are Laid Off’ are the words no employee dreads hearing. However, if you get news that your establishment no longer requires your services, the first thing that usually happens to anyone is a feeling of dread and confusion.

You just don’t know what to do as you feel as if it’s the end of the world for you. However, this is wrong as you need to quickly pull yourself together and come out of this phase with the following tips.

  • Grieving isn’t wrong

Just because you have to overcome this phase doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t have to grieve. Grieving is natural in this position, and you have to accept your loss and mourn about it. While you may wish your employer calls you back on Monday, it’s a very fat chance. Instead, you need to grieve for a while and prepare yourself for your next actions.

  • Get out of your bed

While work was always your excuse for not exercising like jogging or going to the gym, it’s now time you started a steady exercise regime. this is a must, to prevent you from ending up hiding under the covers in depression and grief.

There’s no need of spending money on any expensive gym membership. Just go for a long walk or a jog, preferably in the morning so that your mind gets cleared and you are ready to face the day and whatever it has for you.

  • Look back

It’s very important that you look back, and think about everything you had done in the past. You need to figure out if you are a workaholic if you had any job satisfaction with your previous job, what options you have in store for you and if you are looking for a job in the wrong direction.

It’s better having some counselling sessions where your counsellor will be able to give you answers to all your apprehensions. If you are lucky, you may still be under your previous employer’s health plan which includes counselling sessions.

  • Career counselling is nothing to be ashamed about

The best thing you can do to yourself to get some clarity in what you need to do next is to get some career counselling. While extra expenses may not seem a good idea at the moment, but career counselling shouldn’t be considered an expense, but instead an investment as a good counsellor will be able to guide you in the right direction. They will help you achieve much more in life by transitioning and finding your hidden skills.

  • You need a plan

Once you have gotten over your grieving period, and you are ready to move on with life, you need to first plot a plan about what you plan to do with your life. This plan of yours should include all possible and feasible deadlines for doing things like writing a fresh resume, finding out more about the job market and looking for all your ‘hidden’ talents.

You should also include points like the possible and feasible job options available for you, and if completing certain exams or tests will improve your job prospects. However, the plan will not be of much use if you just write it and place it in a drawer. You need to follow and implement whatever is written in it. Sometimes all you need is a peek at the list to get the right push if and when you are feeling down.

You never know; you may have gotten laid off for a purpose, to pursue and find a much better and satisfying job. You may, in fact, end up feeling happy for getting laid off, instead of grieving about it!